Welcome to The Order of Bahamut!
The Order of Bahamut is a of roleplayers coming from GW1. We play only on the live servers of these games.

Order of Bahamut is the roleplaying branch of a bigger guild, Everlasting Sacred Path (ESP). In GW1 we were allies with ESP and thought that it would be nice to offer a larger selection of activities to our members by joining up with them. OoB still enjoys roleplaying and actively grouping together to quest, RP, do Dunguens, clear maps. We are not often found doing WvW or sPvP though if we do it would be something we'd do with the ESP group.

While we are not a "strict" role-playing guild, we do count a fair number of role-players among our ranks, and consider in-character role-playing to be an important part of who we are. While role-playing is not required, if you chose to do so you will find a very RP-friendly environment here.

While our guild is small, we are a very close-knit group of friends. Each of our members has the unique opportunity to directly contribute to shaping theguild and laying a foundation that we can build upon for years to come!

In addition to a great group of mature gamers to team with, our guild offers our members:

  • weekly in-game events

  • RP-oriented forums for sharing stories of your adventures

  • a dynamic and ever-evolving lore, and an on-going RP storyline that each member can directly contribute to

  • an artistic look to our forums, with custom avatars and signatures for each member

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